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My name is Jenna. This crazy cake adventure all started with my love for art. Painting, sculpting, and creating fun things with mixed media has always been a passion of mine. Cake became another form of media for me. Fondant has become my clay and icing my paint! LOVE IT!!

My mother was the first to introduce me to baking and decorating. She has always made cakes for friends and family. It was when I helped her with my own wedding cake that I felt a passion about it. I began creating fun cakes and desserts for my friends. 

As requests for cakes grew, so did my husbands interests. A bricklayer by trade, Jason often enjoyed making breads and breakfast pastries. His grandfather was a baker for 40+ years. He began helping me with some of the baking and building particular stands and bases for me to display my cakes. Not long after he found a knack for carving and sculpting. 

With the two of us in the kitchen, we started experimenting with cupcakes and different flavor combinations. "What if we did this" or "what if we add that" became some very common phrases. I decided that a cupcake truck was in order. In March of 2011 we launched "Georgie" our Cupcake Truck! Since then, we were casted on Food Networks Cupcake Wars season 6. Not only was it an honor to be chosen, but it was a thrill to bring home a win!!!!!! Then 4 months later Food Network called us back for a second appearance on the hit show Cupcake Wars!! We were finalist on that episode. 

Today, we are a steadily growing business with a growing staff!!! We are truly blessed with tons of support and love from our fans and customers! We are having a BLAST doing what we do!! 

Thank you everyone for letting us make your life a little sweeter!!

With love~

Jenna & Jason Siebert

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